Sarina Panchani, Senior Manager of Campaign Operations

Figgs’ Employee Spotlight series highlights a different employee every month, offering an inside look into our company culture and the talented individuals who make up our team.

This month’s Employee Spotlight features Senior Manager of Campaign Operations, Sarina Panchani. From activation to optimization, Sarina plays a crucial role in implementing campaigns for our advertising clients and ensuring success by managing budgets, targeted audiences and performance reporting. She was first drawn to Figg while looking for a job opportunity with a company that both challenged and recognized their employees. While learning about Figg’s advertising platform during the interview process, Sarina immediately identified areas where she could add value and help build out operational processes from the ground up. Since starting over a year ago, Sarina has worked on multiple projects that help streamline Figg’s campaign implementation process, enhance performance based on data and feedback, and manage budget for the benefit of our advertising partners. 

Sarina spends a majority of her time at Figg collaborating and working cross functionally with our Customer Success, Product Management, Analytics and Marketing teams. One of her favorite parts of working at Figg is that all teams, including the executive team, are very hands-on and aware of projects happening internally. She states “no matter what kind of issue, whether it falls in their area of expertise or not, everyone is willing to help find a solution and pull in helpful resources.” Sarina shared that her biggest motivator at Figg is the constructive character and rhythm our company has when it comes to working toward the same end goal.

Outside of the office, Sarina likes to unwind and visit with her friends and family. She loves getting people together by organizing picnics, parties, and game nights. If offered a surprise day off, Sarina would use the free time to pack up for a day-trip to Mexico (one of the perks of living in San Diego!). If Sarina were to retire tomorrow, she would likely explore tropical destinations with her closest friends. Sarina is the type of traveler who likes to seize the day and not waste a minute of her time during an adventure. She enjoys outdoor activities, architecture, museums, and aesthetic restaurants. Once Sarina decides to settle down from her travels, she would love to build a dream entertainer’s home with space for friends, family and hopefully 4 big fluffy dogs. She currently has one dog, Roscoe, who she rescued from a railroad over 12 years ago.

Of her many achievements throughout her career, Sarina is most proud and appreciative of the team she’s built at Figg. Getting to know personality types, working styles and career goals has helped Sarina form a team of diligent, result-driven and compatible people. She also recruited a former colleague, which really shines a light on her management style and the strong connections she’s built so far. Sarina explains that “long-standing relationships are most important” to her.

Overall, Sarina has created a great home for her and her team at Figg. We’re so lucky to have you on board with us. Thank you for all you do, Sarina!