Robert Allison, Site Reliability Engineer

Figgs’ Employee Spotlight series highlights a different employee every month, offering an inside look into our company culture and the talented individuals who make up our team.

This month’s Employee Spotlight features Site Reliability Engineer, Robert Allison. Robert has been in the card-linking industry since 2014, where he started in an Application Support role at one of Figg’s merger companies, Edo. Robert has since worked on a variety of critical projects that play a major role in how Figg operates today. Navigating the switch from Windows to Linux, using bleeding edge technology and turning ideas into action are just a few of the significant achievements Robert has made in his career so far.

First and foremost, Robert’s favorite part about working at Figg is his teammates. He states that “having the opportunity to see stars shine everyday in the workplace” is something he finds inspiring. Robert’s position requires him to work closely with other teams within Figg. He meets face-to-face (via Google meet or Slack) each morning with our Platform Engineering team to rehash the prior day and go over agenda items for the day ahead. Robert confirms that working collaboratively is key and that the teams within Figg have an “all hands in” mentality, no matter what. In addition to the hustle of the workplace, Robert and his teammates always make time for some light-hearted sports talk, family updates and witty banter. 

Since working in the card-linking industry, Robert has been more aware and knowledgeable of cash-back opportunities available to cardholders. Knowing to look for brands that offer these benefits and being selective on which credit card to use while shopping is beneficial when maximizing rewards. He describes this as the “new coupon game”. Robert enjoys being on the backend of this technology and working with his team to overcome operational challenges, brainstorm solutions and streamline processes in order to work more efficiently.

If Robert were offered a surprise day off, he would take the opportunity to unwind and get outdoors. Assuming the weather permits, he’d hop on his bike and ride a few miles down the nearby greenway. Having a love for the outdoors and sunshine, Robert plans to spend his future retirement on the coast of Florida. He enjoys small town vibes and getting to know the hidden gems of a community. He’d occupy the afternoons by brushing up on his fishing skills and would love to catch a snook (also known as the sergeant fish or robalo) someday. When the fishing day winds down, you could be sure to catch Robert at a local seafood shack, margarita in hand.

It’s clear to see the value Robert adds to our Figg atmosphere on a daily basis. He’s constantly using his problem solving skills and keeping up with the latest technology, all while extending a hand to others. Robert always takes advantage of new opportunities to learn within the workplace and states that “you’re only limited by your own limitations. If you want to learn something, this is a great place to do it.” Thank you for all you do, Robert!