Nate Schlechte, Development Manager

Figgs’ Employee Spotlight series highlights a different employee every month, offering an inside look into our company culture and the talented individuals who make up our team.

This months Employee Spotlight features Development Manager, Nate Schlechte. Nate was first drawn to Figg because our employees value new ideas, evaluate best practices to accomplish these ideas and make a strong effort to execute. Being a Development Manager, Nate collaborates with Figg’s Platform Engineering, Product, Marketing and Customer Support teams to establish project milestones and work to complete projects effectively and within company budget. One of Nate’s favorite skills he’s gained since being with Figg is his ability to understand and utilize new tech practices.

If Nate were offered a surprise day off, he would stay up as late as he could tying up whatever projects he has been working on. As a night owl, Nate’s creativity tends to spark later in the evening. He enjoys programing, video games, logic puzzles sudoku and anything else that keeps the brain moving! He would try to stay up until the morning so he could send his kids off to school. Having three boys keeps Nate busy on his days off. His family bonds and stays active by making simple breakfasts together (frozen waffles!) and going to outdoor parks with friends and family. When the weather is nice, Nate also likes to explore new hiking trails, go backpacking and do odds and ends around the house.

The genuine connection and trust that Figg has with their employees is important to Nate as he builds his career. His work makes him feel empowered and he explains that “There’s no dreading the workday. I get to look back and feel productive.” Nate likes to kick off his morning by establishing 3 major tasks to tackle be the end of the day. The flexibility of his work environment gives him the opportunity to prioritize his projects and build out his own schedule. Nate feels his proudest when he’s able to help someone else reach a milestone in their life. Whether it be work-related or personal, he’s always motivated to extend a helping hand to others.

All in all, Nate is a hard-working, challenge-motivated, supportive individual and we’re very fortunate to have him as an employee here at Figg! We have high hopes that one day he’ll pursue his dream of creating his own video game (and maybe even let us give it a test drive). Out of the passion for technology and his Development Manager role, you can catch Nate at the 2022, Northern Illinois University Career Fair this winter. Thank you for all your hard work, Nate!