Mike Waechter, Senior Operations Manager

Figgs’ Employee Spotlight series highlights a different employee every month, offering an inside look into our company culture and the talented individuals who make up our team.

This month’s Employee Spotlight features Senior Operations Manager, Mike Waechter. Mike is instantly drawn to anything that requires problem solving, abstract thinking or investigative skills. He was first introduced to the card-linking world as a cardholder who enrolled through a local card-linked rewards app that he heard about on the radio. Once he learned about the opportunity to redeem cash back at some of his favorite brands, he was intrigued to learn the backend process of a platform that truly benefits all sides of business. Over ten years later, Mike plays a crucial role in setting up campaigns for our advertisers and fulfilling the unique expectations of our clients, day in and day out.

From starting out as a team of 1, Mike’s journey in the card-linking business has grown immensely through the course of company acquisitions, new tech practices and the continued expansion of our platform. Although he might not have previously considered himself as a people manager, Mike has crafted a compatible, hard-working and diligent team. Embracing changes as they come, always remaining hands-on and watching his team grow has been one of his favorite parts of his career so far. Operations is found at the center of Figg’s organizational chart and is often referred to as the “heartbeat” of our business. Being a hub for many different areas of our business, it’s important that Mike and his team work cross functionally with all the teams at Figg (e.g. Engineering, Customer Success, Sales, Marketing and more).

When he’s not in the office, Mike prefers mentally engaging hobbies in his free time. He is a big fan of video games (particularly adventure games) and his latest infatuation has been Monkey Island. If offered a surprise day off, Mike would definitely take the relaxation route and have a pajama day. He’d kick his feet up, wear his glasses (instead of contacts) and have a video game marathon that starts and ends with his favorite, Minecraft. In addition to gaming, Mike loves spending time with his husband and throwing mini parties that consist of ordering pizza, singing karaoke and playing board games.

It’s easy to see that Mike has been around for many milestones, periods of growth, challenges and success. He says “it can be an emotional ride but recognizing each other as humans and having such an open and unique culture keeps me motivated.” We’re lucky to have you, Mike! Keep up the good work.