Marlena Manulis, Product Manager

Figgs’ Employee Spotlight series highlights a different employee every month, offering an inside look into our company culture and the talented individuals who make up our team.

This month’s Employee Spotlight features Product Manager, Marlena Manulis. At Figg, Marlena takes the lead in defining our product vision, prioritizing requirements and working cross functionally with multiple teams to deliver a successful outcome. One of her favorite parts of working at Figg is that there’s always an exciting, new opportunity to collaborate with her teammates and streamline processes to keep the workflow running smoothly. With that, Marlena loves the autonomy of her position and that each day is a little different. The challenges and problem solving encourage her to continue to grow and prosper at Figg.

Marlena explains that “meeting new people and getting to know my teammates on a more personal level has been a big perk of working at Figg.” Her co-workers feel the same as our Sr. Designer, Alyssa Fuller, says “Marlena is a calming, easy person to work with. Being a product manager for two large Figg initiatives, she juggles multiple tasks in the background of every meeting but you would never know.” Marlena loves to kick off meetings recapping everyone’s weekend festivities and discussing one of her favorite shows, The Great British Bake Off.

Outside of the office, Marlena loves to check out new coffee shops and ramen restaurants. If she had a surprise day off, she’d take the opportunity to sleep in and have a slow, relaxing morning. Once the day got rolling, Marlena would head to one of the coffee shops from her list of destinations to try out with her roommate. Her go-to drink is usually a vanilla bean or hazelnut latte but she’s always down to try something new. To wrap up the day, Marlena would swing by her parents house for a quick visit. Concluding the surprise day off would likely consist of watching Law and Order or competitive figure skating (she hopes to revisit this childhood hobby someday!). 

If Marlena were to retire tomorrow, she would spend her free time traveling the world. Her adventurous side would lead her first to Iceland, Europe and Asia. Marlena likes to stay up-to-date and informed on the latest travel hacks, so she would be well prepared for whatever comes her way. To soak in the full experience, Marlena wouldn’t turn down any fresh brewed coffee or authentic, homemade meals. Until she reaches her post-work days, she enjoys exploring and experiencing her current home, San Diego.

All in all, Marlena plays a huge role in managing our product throughout its lifecycle. Making improvements and watching product performance soar is what keeps her motivated and ready for the next project that comes her way. Thank you for all you do, Marlena!