A leading thrift store retailer enhances brand awareness and drives customers in store


Utilizing Figg’s card-linked platform, a leading thrift store retailer enhances brand awareness and drives customers to their 300 stores nationwide


The generation born between the years 1997 and 2012, more commonly known as ‘Gen Z’, is setting the trend for how people shop. “In just 2020 alone, more than 220 million consumers say they have or will be open to shopping for second-hand products.”

With the competitive demand for second-hand items and clothing, a selection of thrift store retailers are staying ahead of the game by using card-linked offers.


Figg’s platform is powered by transaction data from 100M+ cardholders nationwide. We partnered with a leading thrift store retailer to enhance brand awareness and drive customers to their brick and mortar locations. With Figg’s unique targeting capabilities and no upfront costs to the brand, our partner was able to offer a 5% cash-back promotion to the following groups:

1. New customers: cardholders with no previous purchases in the past 12 months

2. Infrequent and existing customers: cardholders with only 1-3 purchases in the past 12 months

The offer was advertised to the targeted audience via the website and mobile apps of our bank and publisher partners.


The outcome of the campaign captured:

  • 277% increase in new customer lift
  • 12.5x return on ad spend
  • 191% increase in existing and infrequent customers


Through this campaign, our partner was able to reach new customers and enhance loyalty with current shoppers. Not only did they drive incremental revenue but the campaign provided a true gauge of their in-store purchases driven by CLO advertisement.

The thrift store retailer brand also benefited from exposure to 30 million cardholders, increasing brand awareness at no additional cost to the brand.

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