Lance Aharrah, Development Manager

Figgs’ Employee Spotlight series highlights a different employee every month, offering an inside look into our company culture and the talented individuals who make up our team.

This month’s Employee Spotlight is Lance Aharrah, Development Manager. Chasing the excitement of the ever-changing tech world, Lance has been in the card-linking industry for over 7 years. Establishing company needs and brainstorming solutions with his team is the kind of collaboration that keeps Lance locked-in and focused on enhancing processes at Figg. Lance mentions that “The shift from Senior Software Engineer to my current role as Development Manager, has not only challenged me but has made me a more well-rounded person overall”. He enjoys the flexibility and fast-paced work environment.

Lance describes his favorite part of working at Figg as being able to see a project evolve from start to finish. Most recently, Lance and his team played a huge role in getting one of our top-tier publishers up and running on Figg’s platform. From the first introduction to the final launch, Lance demonstrated solutions by determining and designing system preferences, standards, and programming. The supportive, “open door” culture of Figg keeps his team pushing forward with purpose.

While technology is a big chunk of Lance’s work life, it’s also a passion in his personal life. Outside of work, he enjoys taking a variety of online courses involving new tech practices and mobile development. This complex skillset must run in the family because Lance’s oldest son wants to follow in his dad’s footsteps and pursue a career in IT. Lance loves to share this interest in innovation with his kids and is even showing them the ropes on their 3D printer. He finds that his work compliments his love for the tech world because “Being able to stay in touch with the technology is important to me and I also get to collaborate and learn from other very talented Figg employees.”

If Figg were to offer Lance a surprise day off, he’d choose to spend it relaxing with his family. Much of his free time is spent outdoors with his two boys, getting their hands dirty gardening a variety of plants, veggies and milkweed. Fun fact: Lance’s wife uses the fresh milkweed to raise monarch butterflies! From nurturing the tiny eggs into hungry caterpillars, then chrysalis into butterfly, the whole family gets to be involved in the process. If Lance isn’t planting or doing yard work, him and the fam are cooling off in their pool.

In short, Lance checks all the boxes of a passionate employee. His top-notch development skills and well-rounded personality play a huge role in our solid tech team. Thanks for all you do, Lance!

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