Krista Skipper, Manager of National Advertising Partnerships

Figgs’ Employee Spotlight series highlights a different employee every month, offering an inside look into our company culture and the talented individuals who make up our team.

For our March spotlight we are featuring Krista Skipper, one of our advertising partnership gurus. Krista was first drawn to our team after attending an all-company bonfire with her husband, Jeff (who happens to be Figg’s Vice President of Agency Partnerships). She saw Jeff’s genuine passion for our industry and met first-hand the welcoming bunch she now calls her team. She states “I had never met such a goal-hungry team and I knew I had to be a part of it”. The collaborative culture is what keeps Krista motivated and at home at Figg. Since joining the team just over two years ago, Krista has grown from a Business Development role to our Manager of National Advertising Partnerships. It’s her grit, charisma, and solution-selling approach that keeps her thriving at Figg.

Krista’s social character works seamlessly with our clients when it comes to collaborating on goals, problem solving and proposing innovative ideas. She takes time to cater to the uniqueness of each of our clients, which helps our team to meet and exceed expectations. Krista’s favorite part of her day-to-day is watching a new partnership grow from the ground up, transforming into a strong foundation that Figg gets to continuously nurture. The open communication between all departments has made Krista feel limitless when it comes to seeking a variety of resources and fulfilling her personal growth.

Shifting from businesses development to her current sales role, Krista feels humbled to be included in each step of the journey with our clients. She views each account as a singular project that she gets to bring to life. To achieve this, she works closely with our analytics team to help define the size of an opportunity and determine how each campaign can perform. Krista’s competitive nature keeps her motivated to continue setting result-driven goals to share with our clients.

When Krista isn’t at the office, she likes to kick off her morning with a cup of keto coffee, an early pilates class and spend some quality time with her son. If Krista were offered a ‘surprise day off’ she would pack up the car and take her son to the zoo! Her little one has a sweet obsession with king penguins and Krista has a soft spot for the ever-so-clumsy sloth. Krista also appreciates going with the flow and relishing in the moments that become memories- especially when it comes to being around her family.

To conclude, we are lucky to have a go-getter like Krista on our team at Figg. Thank you for all you do, Krista!