How to maximize your marketing dollars in a down market

Consumer sentiment has fallen due to the economic impacts brought on by the pandemic.¹ When this happens, businesses tend to cut costs and consumers look for ways to save. One of the first things to go is typically marketing. However, marketing during a down market can offer tremendous growth opportunities while your competitors cut back. 

Not every marketing campaign is equally effective. Marketing in a down market should be tactical. Choose marketing strategies that reflect directly onto your bottom line. Provide value to your customers during difficult times. Choose strategies that can specifically target your desired audience. Your customers are looking for savings and they are willing to brand switch for the right offer.

Advertising is notoriously hard to measure. Are your marketing campaigns contributing to revenue growth?  Are you able to measure your marketing campaigns? We assume it works, but some campaigns are just that: an assumption. Effective advertising measurement often uses lagging indicators, consumer surveys and brand awareness.

Figg’s card-linked AdTech offers the benefits of traditional advertising methods without the typical downsides. Ad dollars can be measured all the way down to each individual transaction, and ad dollars are only spent on qualifying transactions. It is a zero-waste ad platform, and we can measure each campaign’s results in real time.  

Card-linked marketing can target new customers, lapsed customers and customers looking to save. Inflationary pressures create more incentives for customers to look for savings. Cash is no longer king. Plastic has become the primary source of payment. Consumers are shopping smarter, and they are looking for value. Your card-linked marketing campaign can garner new business and gain market share in an increasingly competitive marketplace. 

If you plan to reevaluate your advertising spend in 2023, card-linked marketing can offer advertising solutions that guarantee purchases and drive revenue in a down market. Figg offers a tactical approach with a pay-for-performance model, the ability to track online offers to in-store spending and consumer targeting based on their historical spending. If you would like to learn more about Figg’s card-linked AdTech, schedule a demo with us today.


Driving consumer centricity with card-linked offer structures

Figg developed three unique offer structures that increase consumer reward opportunities and program engagement. Learn more about how this framework enables Figg’s publishers to connect with consumers at all levels of engagement- from surprise and delight moments where a consumer can earn simply by using their linked card to redeeming deep discounts by ‘boosting’ an offer before shopping. 

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