George Lopez, Product Manager

Figgs’ Employee Spotlight series highlights a different employee every month, offering an inside look into our company culture and the talented individuals who make up our team.

This month’s Employee Spotlight features Product Manager, George Lopez. George works closely with the engineering team to define product vision and prioritize product requirements to ensure Figg delivers to our clients. He was first drawn to Figg because he could easily recognize the exciting opportunities and potential within the card-linking industry. George describes Figg as a group of people who share the same faith and resilience in what they’re doing. Today, he plays a huge role in leading our team toward a common goal.

Being able to coordinate cross functionally between our internal teams has allowed George to gain first-hand insight on the projects being worked on and the assistance needed from the product team. Understanding and representing these needs is key to completing market research and driving our product forward. George describes one of his greatest accomplishments at Figg as the centralization of data and the creation of our handbook. This project has helped Figg stay on the same page for better consistency and quality control.

The product management role calls for some top-notch equipment. On George’s desk you’ll find an ergonomic split keyboard, 3 monitors and a microphone he uses for remote meetings. Aside from the tech apparatus, he also displays a note from his wife that reads “You are here”, which reminds him to always be present. If given a surprise day off in the city, George would start the morning with one of his favorite martial art sports, jiu-jitsu. After exercising, he would venture to a new coffee shop for a cup of joe or fruit smoothie, followed by reading outside in a park. George would wrap up the re-charge day with a cool, nighttime bike ride.

With family being his number one motivator, George enjoys spending his time relaxing with his wife and daughter. They go to the San Diego Zoo almost every Saturday to walk around in the sunshine and check out all the different animals. Sundays are BBQ days at the Lopez household. George and his wife love to cook homemade Mexican dishes and host their friends and family by the pool before the work week starts. If he were to retire today, George would still continue to work and stay busy. He would go back to school for his masters and continue to learn about religion and symbolism. His dream job after retirement would be to get his PHD and be a professor so he could share his knowledge and wisdom with others.

All in all, George thrives in the flexible culture at Figg and being able to execute his best work around a schedule that works best for him and his team. Keep up the great work, George! We are lucky to have you.