National quick service restaurant elevates LTO with card-linked campaign

Figg partnered with a national QSR to drive awareness for their Limited Time Offer. The custom card-linked campaign not only exceeded ROIs goals but delivered repeat guest post-campaign.

Campaign highlights

Incremental lift


Return on ad spend (ROAS)


Repeat purchase rate



Limited Time Offers are a fundamental part of the quick-serve industry and our partner was looking to maximize awareness for the promotion. In addition to increasing awareness for the LTO, this QSR wanted to drive incremental purchases among current customers.


Figg created a custom targeting strategy that focused on New Customers (0X Purchases at QSR in last 12 months) and Lapsed Customers (0X Purchases in last 6 months).

The LTO (Limited Time Offer) was highlighted within the offer details to drive awareness and redemptions.

With thousands of locations across the United States, Figg made it easy for the QSR to launch the campaign. No staff training was needed for the promotion, as the offer was delivered seamlessly across Figg’s ecosystem of card issuers and publishers, Customers just needed to make their purchase with a linked card.


Figg delivered a sales lift from new and lapsed customers resulting in $8.67 incremental sales for each $1 spent.  The campaign resulted in 112% incremental lift in conversions. Today, Figg continues to run national campaigns for other LTO efforts, each with long tail effect from repeat customer visits.

The average order value (AOV) for the test group vs. the control group was lower, which indicates that the LTO was most likely redeemed when the purchase was made.

Figg also worked closely with the brand to create custom reports to uncover additional learnings and findings in regard to their customer base. One such report was an LTV Analysis, which provided the brand with deep insight into their customer purchase behavior post campaign and measured the impact in actual dollars.