Driving consumer centricity with card-linked offer structures

At Figg, we strive to deliver an offer for every purchase. That’s why it is imperative for us to not only have the most card-linked offer content but to have diverse offer categories and structures.

What are card-linked offers? Card-linked offers provide consumers with the opportunity to earn a reward, cash-back or another loyalty currency, from participating merchants when they use an eligible, linked credit or debit card to make their purchase. 

The offers are advertiser-funded meaning the participating advertiser is paying for the reward as a form of advertising their brand. Figg has one of the most abundant in-store and online offer content in the industry. National, regional and local offers can be curated and personalized based on your program objectives. 

Balancing the needs of our advertisers and consumer expectations, we developed three unique offer structures that increase consumer reward opportunities and program engagement.


  1. Automatically on: Simply pay with a linked card at participating merchants to earn cash back
  2. Boosted offers: Offers with an automatically on, baseline offer that can be clicked or “boosted” for a deeper discount
  3. Click to activate: Earn cash back after activating the offer with a click or tap on the offer wall


This framework enables Figg’s publishers to connect with consumers at all levels of engagement- from surprise and delight moments where a consumer can earn simply by using their linked card to redeeming deep discounts by ‘boosting’ an offer before shopping. 

Figg’s proprietary platform leverages everyday purchase data to help advertisers better understand their target audience and attract new customers through offering card-linked offers.

We know transactions are occurring every minute and there is a story behind every purchase. By understanding that story we can uncover value for consumers, advertisers and publishers. Interested in advertising with Figg or launching your own card-linked offer program? Schedule a demo of our platform today.


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