Chris Pruitt, Senior Site Reliability Engineer

Figgs’ Employee Spotlight series highlights a different employee every month, offering an inside look into our company culture and the talented individuals who make up our team.

This month’s Employee Spotlight features Senior Site Reliability Engineer, Chris Pruitt. His ability to take things apart and seamlessly reassemble them gives him the perfect edge to examine software development and build productive workflows here at Figg. Chris works closely with our product team to ensure our platform addresses the needs and expectations of our users. Chris and his team are constantly learning new technology and platforms for our teams to leverage, which helps us carry out daily tasks with more efficiency and automation.

Working remotely, Chris keeps his desk nice and tidy. The one comical object you might find beside a photo of his wife and daughter is a yellow rubber ducky. As a running joke amongst the engineering team at Figg, the rubber ducky represents the “teammate” you would ask a question to before bringing it to the broader team for support. It’s often the members of the engineering team who figure out the solution to their issue halfway through explaining it to the rest of the team, so the ducky serves as a good stand-in while problem-solving.

If Chris were to retire tomorrow, he would buy a Sprinter van and travel with his family. Their first stop would be Yosemite because they’ve previously spent time there as a family and have been yearning to return. Second on the road trip would be Banff, Canada, to explore the mountains. Going hand-in-hand with his love for the outdoors, one of Chris’s favorite hobbies is climbing. He’s been climbing for over eight years and partakes in bouldering, sport climbing and traditional climbing. He met his now wife on a climbing trip at Lookout Mountain, Georgia. Since then, Lookout Mountain has been the special destination of the couple’s marriage proposal and a baby announcement.

One of Chris’s favorite perks of working at Figg is getting to work with a team of intelligent, motivated and witty people. He’s a firm believer in dedicating time to do the things he enjoys and he finds a lot of enjoyment right within the workplace. The autonomy of his position at Figg pairs well with his eagerness to work on something new each day. His motto is “don’t get too bogged down,” which shines a light on how his team works together to fill the gaps and make sure no one feels overloaded.

Overall, Chris plays a crucial role in building and operating the platforms Figg uses daily. We appreciate the time and effort that Chris and his team dedicate to problem-solving and ensuring our employees feel confident utilizing new technology!