Bryan Parra, Senior Director of National Advertising Partnerships

Figgs’ Employee Spotlight series highlights a different employee every month, offering an inside look into our company culture and the talented individuals who make up our team.

For this month’s Employee Spotlight we are featuring our Senior Director of National Advertising Partnerships, Bryan Parra. With 10 years in the card-linking industry, Bryan brings wisdom, creativity and problem-solving skills to our team. He finds unmatched growth opportunity at Figg because his position is always challenging him to think ahead of the game. The encouragement to think outside the box helps drive Bryan out of his comfort zone and ensures a “can-do” attitude when working with our national advertising partners.

Working in the card-linking space has transformed the way Bryan shops. He has gradually become much more selective when choosing restaurants and retail stores based on who offers the greatest incentive. For example, if he were scoping out a new pair of shorts for the summer and it came down to two retail stores- he’d choose to buy from the one that offered a cash-back promotion vs. the one that didn’t. Being able to experience the benefits of Figg’s platform firsthand, reinforces Bryan’s enthusiasm about working for a company he truly believes in.

What Bryan finds the most exciting about his role at Figg is building relationships with large, well-known advertisers. Having the autonomy to travel and meet with new advertisers in-person gives Bryan the opportunity to make deep connections right from the start. He states, “The bigger the brand, the bigger the budget we have to work with. And with that, comes more responsibility.” Bryan’s continued partnership and communication with our national advertisers has helped Figg pursue growth opportunities and build trust. He’s established himself as a go-to resource and has ultimately become an extension of numerous brands we work with each day.

Bryan collaborates closely with the Analytics and Campaign Operations teams, both of which he describes as “true heroes”. Together, they track and analyze campaign performance and provide the data insights to our advertisers. Working closely with these two teams and seeing the impact they have has inspired Bryan to build out some of his own reporting to help expedite these processes.

If given a surprise day off, Bryan would take the opportunity to relax and catch up with his friends and family. He enjoys connecting with his buddies from Medellin, Colombia through Call of Duty gaming sessions. Being a big sports guru, Bryan likes to spend his weekends keeping up with European soccer, college football and baseball (go Red Sox!). Most importantly, spending time with his kiddos- they come in first place as his number one motivator. You’ll find he keeps pictures of his kids on his desk along with a foul ball caught at a Miami Marlins game.

All in all, Bryan thrives when collaborating with both our internal team and external partners. He always feels that he’s provided with the tools needed to succeed and is a firm believer in working smarter, not harder. The opportunity to wear multiple hats and work in an environment full of abstract thinking suits him perfectly. We’re so lucky to have you on our Figg team, Bryan!

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