Anu Bhatt, Data Scientist

Figgs’ Employee Spotlight series highlights a different employee every month, offering an inside look into our company culture and the talented individuals who make up our team.

For this month’s Employee Spotlight we’d like to highlight Anu Bhatt, Data Scientist. Anu’s analytic background within the card-linking space started over 6 years ago when she discovered a passion for collecting and interpreting data. Since starting as a Senior Data Analyst and stepping into her current role as Data Scientist, Anu helps our team examine campaign results, identify patterns and trends within data sets and establish overall business needs. She enjoys the challenges, flexibility and growth-oriented environment of her role at Figg.

Unlike most of Figg’s current employees, Anu has been operating outside the U.S., in India. She’s been making the most of her stay in India before she heads back to her home in Canada. Throughout most of 2020 and into 2021, Anu has been changing up the typical 9-5 and swapping it for a less traditional work schedule. She’s found what works for her and her teammates and even enjoys the later start to her day due to the time difference. Her ability to find a seamless rhythm and not miss a beat goes to show her commitment and dedication to our team. Anu says “the inclusivity of our monthly happy hours and team bonding activities definitely help me feel connected”.

Outside of the office, Anu is an advocate for trying new things. Whether it be food, music, a museum, she likes to cross new experiences off her bucket list. One of her more recent explorations has been the ukulele! Her musical background has influenced her to branch out and spend her days off learning the guitar-like instrument. Anu also likes to channel her creative side by writing poems, short stories, and blog posts. She focuses on exercising her imagination by writing mostly fictional stories that she may even combine into a book one day. Accompanying Anu’s love for adventure, she loves to travel. A few of her dream places to visit include (but aren’t limited to) Bali, Japan and a Euro trip.

Anu’s role in analytics calls for her to work cross-functionally with different teams at Figg. She collaborates with our Marketing team to deliver comprehensive campaign results including cash-back redemptions, offer-wall and mobile-app impressions so they can distinguish effective marketing strategies. She also aligns with our Sales Team to communicate overall campaign performance and forecasting to help them strengthen their pitch and deliver transparent results to our advertisers. This data is transferable when ensuring a smooth process with our Tech Team when we need to identify high-volume or discrepancies within the system.

Overall, Anu is a data wizard. Her skillset helps Figg make informed decisions to increase efficiency across the board. Thanks for all you do, Anu!

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