Anthony Kelly, Senior Customer Success Manager

Figgs’ Employee Spotlight series highlights a different employee every month, offering an inside look into our company culture and the talented individuals who make up our team.

This month’s Employee Spotlight is Senior Customer Success Manager, Anthony Kelly. By interacting with new, existing and potential clients to provide high-level technical and product support, Anthony plays a huge role in enhancing client satisfaction at Figg. Once he establishes our clients immediate needs and overall business goals, he works closely with our Product, Marketing and Customer Support Teams to ensure a smooth pathway throughout the onboarding and implementation process. His willingness to go above and beyond to help our clients achieve success is essential to building the strong partnerships we have today. 

The eagerness to learn more about advertising and technology is what first drew Anthony to check out Figg. Now that he’s been with the team over a year, his favorite part of his role is seeing both large and small publishers grow their customer experience with card-linked offers. Anthony describes that being in the card-linking industry has made him more cognizant of cash back savings and coupon codes when shopping both in-stores and online. As the card-linking industry continuously grows, Anthony embraces the change and channels his strategic thinking skills by testing out user experiences in his everyday life, reading the latest tech discoveries and staying up to date on competing organizations.

If Anthony were offered a surprise day off, he would take the opportunity to silence his alarm and catch up on some sleep. To jump start the day and get the good energy flowing, Anthony enjoys going for a run around his neighborhood and winding down with some yoga or mobility stretching. Being fairly handy, Anthony likes to channel his creativity by working on new projects around the house. He’d spend the day hanging shelves, building patio furniture and putting the final touches on his recently crafted kitchen table. Anthony’s latest project has been transforming his home office into a dual purpose music room and man cave. 

Being a lifelong learner, Anthony is constantly evolving his skillset and exploring outside his comfort zone. If he were to retire tomorrow, he would use his newly freed time to travel the world and embrace new work opportunities. Anthony would first move to Indonesia where he’d open a modern bed-and-breakfast. The homey B&B would be located right on the beach and have a cool, open layout filled with tropical plants. To accommodate his fellow travelers, guests would have the option to rent mopeds and surf boards right from the bed-and-breakfast. When it comes to living a meaningful and authentic life, Anthony has a “risk it all” mentality and wants to continue to adventure during his post retirement days.

With regards to Figg, Anthony emphasizes his love for working at a company that feels like family. He says he values that “we all come from different backgrounds, interests and stages of life but we come together like we’ve been working together for decades.” We feel the same, Anthony! Thank you for all you do.