Anita Pankhania, Senior Customer Success Manager

Figgs’ Employee Spotlight series highlights a different employee every month, offering an inside look into our company culture and the talented individuals who make up our team.

This month we’re featuring Anita, who with great humor, lightness, and integrity, has been bringing positive energy to our clients and to our culture since 2008. Entering the card-linking industry in the Customer Service department, she keeps a client-centric mindset a top priority. Anita has since flourished to her current role, Senior Customer Success Manager. As the Figg team grows, Anita effortlessly connects and builds a foundation with employees across the board.

There’s no doubt that the card-linking industry has transformed the way card-holders make purchases and save money. Anita is a perfect example of how this industry has changed the way consumers shop. She finds herself regularly checking for coupons and cash-back promotions when determining where she’s going to make her next purchase. Understanding the inner working of cash-back programs has compelled her to be more aware of banking and the impact of redemptions. She finds fulfillment in her day-to-day at Figg by helping her clients and their consumers maximize their programs too.

Having a personable character has strengthened Anita’s work relationships, many of which have become lifelong friendships. Exercising communication and getting to know her teammates helps her easily identify the uniqueness each person brings to the table. Whether it be for happy hour or a quick one on one, Anita always makes time on her calendar to connect further with her team. Internal/external problem-solving, setting up processes for national offer flows and satisfying clients are areas that make Anita feel accomplished and have kept her motivated throughout her career. According to Anita, the the constant reassurance and support from management is what gives her the confidence to continue to deliver her best work.

Outside the office, Anita is an advocate for live music, good grub and a carefully crafted cocktail. If she were granted a ‘surprise day off’, you might find her exploring the latest rooftop scene in Nashville, catching up with friends over brunch or buzzing around the city with her husband. As Anita would describe herself as an introverted extrovert, she likes to recharge with some quiet, down time. Anita has a room dedicated to arts and crafts. In her free time, she loves creating gifts for friends and family, plus she shares her designs online at her Etsy shop, {Handcrafted} By Ani. These creative hobbies double as key, universal skills that Anita enjoys passing on to her friends’ kids.

All in all, the dynamic work culture and work-life balance at Figg is what keeps Anita inspired. In our constantly evolving industry, the learning experiences are endless. Having a place to express personality and share goals ensures careers to prosper. Keep up the good work, Anita!