Alex Fanelli, Sr. Manager of Human Resources

Figgs’ Employee Spotlight series highlights a different employee every month, offering an inside look into our company culture and the talented individuals who make up our team.

This month’s Employee Spotlight is Sr. Manager of Human Resources, Alex Fanelli. Alex goes above and beyond to keep Figg’s performance at peak levels by taking care of our employees. From hiring and recruiting new employees, to building our brand and maintaining a great company culture, she has an acute understanding of all of the functions it takes to maintain a healthy workforce. In addition to developing effective internal procedures, Alex has the natural ability to build interpersonal relationships and create a welcoming environment where our employees can ask hard questions and express any concerns they may have.

Alex describes one of the most exciting career opportunities she’s been a part of is the formation of Figg. Being that Figg formed from the merger of two different companies, she had the chance to directly assist in unifying the very unique yet complementary cultures. Alex states “I think part of the excitement is that we had this incredible opportunity to redefine who we were, how we did things, the way we were going to disrupt the market, and reintroduce ourselves to both our internal and external stakeholders. Not everyone is afforded an opportunity to do this in his or her career, so that was an incredible undertaking as a team.” All her hard work is a testament to our genuinely passionate culture and strong internal relationships.

If offered a surprise day off, Alex would spend the day with her fiance, Tom, and their 2 Frenchies, Churchill (11 years old) and Oreo (3 years old). She’d encourage her household to sleep in late and then grab some coffee from one of her favorite spots, Parakeet Cafe or Bird Rock Coffee. Being the great pet-parents they are, it’d be a necessity to head to Churchill and Oreo’s favorite places, the Dog Beach, where they can walk along the shoreline and play fetch. Once they head back home, Alex would take this opportunity to indulge in some relaxation time at the house while binging the latest and greatest Netflix shows. The day would ideally wrap with watching a beautiful, San Diego sunset.

Collaborating with all the different teams within Figg is an essential part of Alex’s role. From working with the marketing team on anniversary gifts, building our company “Swag Store” and coordinating Happy Hour celebrations, to working with Finance and Accounting on payroll and budgeting items, Alex is well versed in so many aspects of our business. She also operates alongside our Executive Team to make sure that all topics and items from employees are being addressed within the organization to ensure we continue to foster the best work environment we can for Figg.

When expressing what it’s like to work at Figg, Alex emphasizes the authentic curiosity of our employees. She explains “we’re a group of naturally, curious lifelong learners. There is always room for improvement, wild ideas to try, limits to push, barriers to break down, and ways to better our products, our platforms, our white glove service approach to clients and customers– just as there will always be ways to further ourselves as individuals, as team members and as a company. “ Alex is a huge advocate for continuing to provide support and room for creativity, which she believes allows Figg to flourish.

Alex has been a core asset to Figg from the moment we started growing our roots. Her passion for not just “employees” but the people she works with, is why we are so lucky to have her at Figg. Thank you for all you do, Alex!