Our mission is to uncover value from everyday transactions

Figg is a leading transaction-based digital advertising platform company delivering dynamic consumer offer experiences for financial institutions, banks, fintechs and digital platforms in the United States. Our advanced platform, driven by $500 billion in transactions annually, provides advertisers with precise targeting and comprehensive attribution data. Driven by innovation, we're disrupting how brands engage with customers through the industry’s most diverse advertiser-funded, card-linked offer portfolio.

Our engagement strategy is informed by 2 decades of experience

Leveraging roots in loyalty, engagement marketing and advertising technology, we bring a proven approach to elevating program performance.

We’re powered by consumer transaction data

From card networks, financial institutions, banks and more we have a unique data set that enables us to drive attributable and incremental revenue for for advertisers through our proprietary technology.

Our offer catalog is unmatched with the most national and local content in the industry

Advertisers large and small work with Figg because we can deliver incremental revenue at scale.

Case Study


Retailer scales its online grocery pick-up and delivery service through targeted card-linked campaign

Figg helped one of the world’s largest retailers generate awareness and drive trial and adoption of their online grocery delivery and pick-up service through a card-linked offer campaign.

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We aim to elevate everyday purchases into savings for consumers, more sales for advertisers and increased loyalty for our bank and publisher partners

We believe when everyone benefits, engagement becomes more powerful


We care about making sure advertisers reach the most relevant audience at just the right moment. Figg fosters advertiser participation with the ability to design custom offers. Through data insights, we’re able to drive direct attribution of digital ad spend to online and in-store purchases.

Banks & publishers

Figg understands the importance of driving engagement. Our solution can complement existing programs to deliver more value via advertiser-funded offers, creating a deeper relationship between our partners and their customers.


It’s as much about value as it is about convenience. Our additive solution is rooted in a portfolio of diverse offers so consumers can find more opportunities to save every day, building sustainable loyalty in a non-disruptive fashion.

Figg’s heritage

Figg is a leading transaction-based digital advertising platform company with a mission to uncover value in everyday transactions. In July 2022, Figg was acquired by JPMorgan Chase, the largest bank in the U.S. The acquisition affords us the funding of a major bank, where we will continue expanding our team to create a best-in-class commerce platform for consumers and for merchants.

Our story begins in 2015 when Augeo launched a unique card-linking platform featuring expansive offer content and an engaging cardholder experience. In addition to delivering elevated advertiser ROI, Augeo accelerated adoption of this new marketing channel by focusing on consumer engagement, employing a distinct strategic framework that has driven Augeo’s growth for over two decades.

Seeing an opportunity to introduce advanced technology to an emerging industry, Augeo acquired Edo Interactive in early 2017. Building on that success, in April 2020, Augeo acquired Empyr, in conjunction with legacy and new investors. Figg was formed to combine the unique engagement strategy, advertiser and publisher networks, user base, and data insight capabilities of the two companies.

Figg is the only card-linked platform company supporting both card-specific bank programs and a platform where consumers can enroll any card they choose. Powerful transaction data enables advertisers to reach specific consumer segments with unparalleled targeting and precise attribution of marketing spend.

The team offers decades of industry leadership, shared experiences across all facets of card-linking and a commitment to deliver prosperity through everyday transactions. We bring an inspired culture and unmatched creativity to the card-linking industry.

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