Building prosperity daily.

Introducing Figg– a leading card-linked platform company uncovering value for advertisers, publishers and consumers through trusted data insights. We’ve launched, but our full site will be coming soon.

Figg is redefining the way advertisers and consumers connect through everyday purchases. Our card-linked platform features the most diverse portfolio of advertiser-funded offers to enrich savings for consumers. Figg enables advertisers to design custom offers aimed at building long-term loyalty for leading social platforms, financial institutions and mobile apps.

We built a platform where everyone wins.


Target precisely and attribute online behavior to offline purchases with transactional data.


Increase relevance and create deeper consumer relationships with differentiated offers.


Deliver value and make saving easy with our trusted technology.

Our mission is to uncover value from everyday transactions.

We believe every transaction tells a story and we can deliver value to our stakeholders by helping them understand the impact of online efforts to offline transactions. We make marketing more impactful with insights and targeting from trusted transactional data.

COVID-19 has disrupted the norm. We’re committed to supporting our partners during this time and believe now more than ever, card-linked programs can help. The insights they generate can help advertisers work through current challenges and beyond.

Augeo and Empyr join forces to create card-linking powerhouse.

The new company will have more than 60 million linked cards and $300 billion in transaction volume. The combined force brings new opportunities for advertisers, publishers, and consumers creating the preeminent growth platform for card-linked experiences. Read more in the press release.